The Trinity Bubble

I needed a fresh way to illustrate The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … Just in case you missed that BTW they all had a part at Jesus’ Baptism js … but enough doctrine.) The solution was a bubble. Water, Soap, and Air. Water = Holy Spirit (River of Life)   Soap = Jesus […]

Set Spiritual Standards PT.2

In SET A STANDARD PT.1 I wrote about the importance of prayer. Prayer is only part of our spiritual standards, obviously devoting yourself to reading and understanding God’s word is critical. You as a leader will be held more accountable than others for every word that proceeds from your mouth. Be clear on the context […]

Medium or Large?

“Medium or Large?” This was the question posed to me after ordering a bottle of water with my breakfast combo at a drive thru. It was insignificant but triggered a thought. ” What do I do everyday out of reflex or second nature?” Good habits can be bad when out of context. I’m not trying […]

My Brain House

My Brain House Ok try and keep up as I follow this rabbit down the hole. My view of my mind is a house with a lot of different rooms and things filling it all. The power is on, the water is connected, and it is full of stuff. I have a room for church, […]

Set Spiritual Standards

Set a standard for yourself spiritually You are the first thing that you need to focus on. I know that sounds selfish but when it comes to being in leadership you had better have your life and attitude in order before you try to lead others. Granted you will never be perfect and will drive […]

The Happy Lumberjack Breakfast Shack

I had one of those moments writing curriculum. I was bored with past themes and the previous eight weeks had been so serious everyone needed a recharge of goofy. We used undecorated christmas trees and rustic props for the stage. We had two characters Jack and Gill that would come out each morning dancing to […]

Bible Story Transition

We kept running into this awkward segway to set up our Bible Story time during services. We created a fun video bumper that breaks up the day and gives the presenter and character/puppeteer a moment to catch their breath. You can WATCH AND DOWNLOAD HERE Bonus CMD is selling a theme that matches it if […]

3 Steps to Raise a Team

Step 1 – PRAY Ps 127:1 Unless the Lord build the house Pray for Vision – You can’t build a team unless you know what you’re building it for. Pray that God will send the right people – I can’t tell you how many times the Spirit of God drawing people has been more profitable […]

Clash of Plans

  Like many people these days I have been sucked into the Clash of Clans world. While playing this game life lessons began to spark. We are planning on using this theme eventually but thought perhaps someone out there could use it sooner. Enjoy! UPDATE 6/27/15: I’ve finally added the main graphics below as well […]