The Happy Lumberjack Breakfast Shack

I had one of those moments writing curriculum. I was bored with past themes and the previous eight weeks had been so serious everyone needed a recharge of goofy. We used undecorated christmas trees and rustic props for the stage. We had two characters Jack and Gill that would come out each morning dancing to banjo music dressed as Lumberjacks. By week three we added a grandpa character. If you need any explanations feel free to comment below.

Also if you have one of those things mechanics use to work under cars there is a great game you can play if your room isn’t carpet. We took two pieces of thin styrofoam insulation from Lowe’s, put them back to back, cut them to look like an egg, and attached them at opposite points with white duct tape. We then went to WalMart and purchased a yolk colored bouncy ball, cut a whole in one side of the foam smaller than the circumference of the ball. We secured the ball with white duct tape so it would blend. We now had a fried egg suit to put on a worker, yolk to their back, we laid them down on their stomach on the mechanic dolly. they would bend their legs so we could hold onto their ankles to slide them across the floor in an attempt to land them in a plate marked on the floor. We called it the fried slide. The first worker to take a ride had no idea until after we put the egg suit on him. He has a great sense of humor so be careful if you try it with your team. The fried slide happened week 1 of the theme and helped to set “The Fun Tone”, along with lumberjacks dancing to banjo music with axes.

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