Does anyone have a knife?

I received a pocketknife as gift one day. The moment wasn’t exaggerated. It was a simply random moment of blessing. Often times that’s how blessings come into our lives, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Royce Hudson was that way. He entered my Mother’s life and married her. He accepted my family and my sister’s family as his own and loved us all. Mom had been a widow for years but suddenly and unexpectedly God blessed her and our family with an incredible man. 

We were enjoying Thanksgiving together as a family and I needed a pocketknife to open a toy our children had received. I didn’t have a knife in my pocket and I sought one out. Royce handed me a three-blade pocketknife with wooden inserts on the sides and silver ends. It was a simple folder but sharp as a razor. I effortlessly cut through the packaging, folded the blade back in, and went to return the knife to him. I was met with a look from him that was one of absolute resolution. He was not going to take that knife back. He was determined that I was going to keep it and use it. He said “No. You keep that.” with a smile. I didn’t push the issue. I was grateful for the gift and have held onto it ever since. 

The moment was brief and the gift seemed small but it reminds me of a charge delivered by God, through Moses, to the children of Israel. Deut 6:4 “These commands I give you today are to be upon your hearts, … impress them upon your children …”. The Word of God is is the sword of the spirit; it is sharper than any double-edged sword. We are commanded to keep it sharp through fellowship and devotion. We are instructed to plant it and carry it in our hearts through acceptance and evaluation. We are called to demonstrate it through love and action in application. We are equipped with the Holy Spirit to share the Word of God with boldness through our communication to others.

Royce handed me a tool, a weapon, and a gift.  It reminds me of the way he devoted himself to the Word of God, applied it to his life, demonstrated it in his actions, and passed it along through his testimony to everyone that would listen. With as much attention and care he had given to a simple pocketknife he had applied even more to God’s Word in his life. Just as he freely shared the love of Christ with others he had given that pocketknife to me. Just as he enjoyed being able to bless unexpectedly he often testified to how God had blessed him.

In the same way we are to take care of the commands God has give to us. With the same resolve that Royce displayed we are to provide our children with the knowledge of God’s Word. We should take care of the Word of God in our lives. We are each responsible to keep the Word of God sharp within us. We should always carry the Word wherever we go. We should always be ready to put it to use. We should demonstrate the power of God’s Word in love to all that are in need. We are commanded to impress it upon our children and we must insist that they keep it!

In February 2019 Royce passed from this earth into eternity. Many saw how he ran his race through the life he led. There is no doubt that he won the prize of eternal life. What memories will others have of you? What will be written about the kind life you lead now and the example you set?