Clash of Plans


Like many people these days I have been sucked into the Clash of Clans world. While playing this game life lessons began to spark. We are planning on using this theme eventually but thought perhaps someone out there could use it sooner. Enjoy!

UPDATE 6/27/15: I’ve finally added the main graphics below as well as an invite card example we used. Also I was able to land some great audio for this theme also!! Email me and I will dropbox the music and sfx I have. We also did some fun stuff and had two incredible youth dress up as a Barbarian in a muscle suit and an Archer. Our barbarian actually competes in knife throwing and our archer is a really good shot. We had the Barbarian and Archer face off at the same time live in children’s church! Their targets were balloons on wooden boards and an archery target. We completed the set with archer towers and stone walls!



Clash of Plans

Clash of Plans slide bridge


Clash of Plans point 1

Clash of Plans point 2

Clash of Plans point 3

Clash of Plans point 4


We passed out invite cards for our kids to use for this theme also:


Clash of Plans Invite Front

Clash of Plans Invite Back