Set Spiritual Standards PT.2

In SET A STANDARD PT.1 I wrote about the importance of prayer. Prayer is only part of our spiritual standards, obviously devoting yourself to reading and understanding God’s word is critical. You as a leader will be held more accountable than others for every word that proceeds from your mouth. Be clear on the context […]

Medium or Large?

“Medium or Large?” This was the question posed to me after ordering a bottle of water with my breakfast combo at a drive thru. It was insignificant but triggered a thought. ” What do I do everyday out of reflex or second nature?” Good habits can be bad when out of context. I’m not trying […]

My Brain House

My Brain House Ok try and keep up as I follow this rabbit down the hole. My view of my mind is a house with a lot of different rooms and things filling it all. The power is on, the water is connected, and it is full of stuff. I have a room for church, […]