Explaining giving to kids

Here is a script I have used when introducing and explaining giving to children. Follow it if you like or use it to inspire your own! Items Needed: 10 ball pit balls, two buckets, and offering scale. We are going to talk about offering and give each of you a chance to give today. The […]

No Place Like Home

There have been a lot of places I have called home in my life. The first I remember is Baton Rouge Louisiana. We lived in a set of townhomes with the neighborhood pool right behind us. My days were filled with going to preschool, cruising the neighbor hood in my Bigfoot Power Wheel, swimming, and […]

But Why?

It’s amazing how much I can learn about the nature of God from spending time with my kids. Most weekday mornings I take my kids to school. Emma is always the first to drop off and then Jack and I have a 10 minute drive from there. Every morning it’s different with Jack, sometimes he […]