The Trinity Bubble

I needed a fresh way to illustrate The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … Just in case you missed that BTW they all had a part at Jesus’ Baptism js … but enough doctrine.)

The solution was a bubble. Water, Soap, and Air.

Water = Holy Spirit (River of Life)   Soap = Jesus (Washes our sins)   Air = Father (Breathes life).           Three parts One Bubble.

BONUS TRY THIS: Put on a white cotton glove and bounce the bubble without popping it representing that God will only dwell In a pure heart. Use your un gloved hand and it pops. “Because of the dirt, even the little microscopic dirt (hand sanitizer “we try and cover it up” try again), the bubble cannot stay just as God doesn’t want to stay in an unclean heart.” ( best bubble solution to mix with water I’ve found was Gazzilion Bubbles Solution)

Other classic examples I’ve used: Egg (yolk, white, shell) Watermelon (seed, meat, rine) … Mmmm watermelon by far my fav. Anything made of three parts … Wheels (tire, rim, air)? Ok I’m still thinking about watermelon. Leave a reply / comment if you have another suggestion I’m heading to the kitchen.