Medium or Large?

“Medium or Large?” This was the question posed to me after ordering a bottle of water with my breakfast combo at a drive thru. It was insignificant but triggered a thought. ” What do I do everyday out of reflex or second nature?” Good habits can be bad when out of context. I’m not trying to over complicate the scenario but the young lady was so programmed to upsell that she didn’t hear, or should I say process, what I was saying. Often times I find myself doing this … “Yes dear.” I drive my wife crazy saying umhmm sure when she knows I didn’t hear her. Do you do this too? Ever done that at work? With your kids and regretted it?

So how do I fix it? The only way to fix it is to become more intentional about stopping, listening, and focusing so that I can respond properly. James 1:19 “You must be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to become angry” I get frustrated and frustrate others when I speak too soon.