3 Steps to Raise a Team

Step 1 – PRAY

Ps 127:1 Unless the Lord build the house

Pray for Vision – You can’t build a team unless you know what you’re building it for.

Pray that God will send the right people – I can’t tell you how many times the Spirit of God drawing people has been more profitable than my salesmanship in the church foyer.


Step 2 – INVEST

“You reap what you sow”

Invest monetarily – Give leaders what they need and what they want. They may not “need” a $X00 piece of equipment or supplies, but they are there for free and you need them more than they need you. Happy leaders attract new leaders. They don’t need you to buy them lunch, but you need to buy them lunch


Invest socially – You may not think leaders need encouraging notes and text regularly, but they do.

I have made the mistake of giving one person too much to do at times and to other too little responsibility. Both got frustrated and almost quit. Invest the time to listen and get to know each person.



“Without vision the people perish”

You may be stressed about who will lead your small group today, but who is going to lead when they are gone?


“That 7th grader is going to be a great leader one day.”

“I have 8 years to mold that 4 year old into a junior leader.”

– Both statements I made six years ago.

The 4 year old is now 10 and right on track because the 7th Grader, who is a freshman in college and leads our K program, set the pace. These students are what they are not because “I” made them that way but because “I” got out of the way to create an environment for them to grow.