Explaining giving to kids

Here is a script I have used when introducing and explaining giving to children. Follow it if you like or use it to inspire your own!

Items Needed: 10 ball pit balls, two buckets, and offering scale.

We are going to talk about offering and give each of you a chance to give today.

The Bible teaches us that we are supposed to tithe and give in offering. Tithe means a tenth or one for every ten.

I’m going to use these ball pit balls to represent dollars.

I’m going to pretend that I walked my neighbor’s dog and they paid me ten dollars!

Help me count out my dollars. (place one ball pit ball for every dollar into one of the empty buckets on the offering scale as the kids count along to ten)

If a tithe is one for every ten how much of my ten dollars is my tithe? ONE, that’s right! So I’m going to give one of my dollars (place one ball pit bar into a bucket) My offering is anything extra I give. I decide how much by praying “God how much extra should I give?” I feel like I’m supposed to give two extra dollars today. Can you count with me as I give? (place two more ball pit balls into the bucket as the kids count with you)

How many dollars did I give? How many dollars do I have left?

When I give to the church the money is used to do things like 1. Pay for the lights and water to work in our church. 2. Help missionaries in foreign countries share the gospel. 3. Help pay for events and outreaches to help people in our community hear the Gospel.

Everything I have left (seven dollars) is for me to save or spend to provide the things I need or want in life.

If you have brought something to give this morning I would like to invite you to come and place it in one of these buckets. Girls in one bucket and Boys in the other.

If there is no offering: It’s ok if you didn’t have something to bring this morning.

Let’s all pray together right now over our offering.

“God thank you so much for meeting all of our needs. Thank you for letting me be a part of sharing the Gospel through my giving. Bless our offering this morning and use it to help others hear about you! Amen.”