Set Spiritual Standards

Set a standard for yourself spiritually

You are the first thing that you need to focus on. I know that sounds selfish but when it comes to being in leadership you had better have your life and attitude in order before you try to lead others. Granted you will never be perfect and will drive yourself crazy focusing on all your flaws. There are things that you must focus on that every person despite personality can develop. I’m talking about spiritual standards like prayer, Bible study, evangelism, and giving.

I was tempted to just type the word PRAY in big bold letters once just to get the point across. If you don’t take any other advice from me and walk away right now PRAY. I’ve seen and done a lot, not nearly as much as others I’m sure, and I have learned that without prayer and lots of it everything falls apart.

Pray for yourself and for others.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been upset or offended only to find out later that it was more of an issue with myself than with the other person or situation. I have experienced road blocks and had my creative juices come grinding to a halt all because I had neglected to pray or at least didn’t turn to prayer first. Most conflicts you encounter and negative feelings youhave towards others have more to do with your lack of prayer and time with God than what actually happened.

Remember who put you to work.

To put it into perspective what we do we do for the Lord. Ultimately He will hold us accountable and we will answer to him. Why then do we make it our last resort to talk to Him about what we are going to do. Often times I found myself making plans and generating ideas and then asking God to bless it. To me that is out of order. We should first spend time with God asking “Lord what is it that you want?” and then ask Him to show you how. It’s God’s plan, ministry, and harvest. You are the caretaker and had better get some instruction from the boss.