Set Spiritual Standards PT.2

In SET A STANDARD PT.1 I wrote about the importance of prayer. Prayer is only part of our spiritual standards, obviously devoting yourself to reading and understanding God’s word is critical. You as a leader will be held more accountable than others for every word that proceeds from your mouth. Be clear on the context of scripture and stories before you teach them. There have been times that I have had great ideas for lessons and themes and remembered or found a portion of scripture that seemed like a great fit only to realize I was taking it out of context. To use the analogy of being a caretaker again. What excuse would you have when corn grows up in the strawberry patch because you didn’t read the label on the seeds when you planted them?

Spiritual disciplines and standards create character within you. I would rather have strong character than flashy talent. Prayer and Biblical knowledge are only two pieces of the puzzle. Giving and tithing are just as critical. We have an obligation to Tithe and should desire to give. I don’t understand how people can expect to lead and make financial decisions or even request for money when they are irresponsible with what they personally have been given already. Where your treasure is there your heart will be also v. so if your heart/treasure is not in your church where you serve then get it there or get out.