Lego Main Verse


These lessons were originally developed for a kids camp in MN. The camp theme was Lego vs. Minecraft and was a blast! I will continue to use this theme in my own kidmin and as content for kids crusades and camps in the future. I’m all about sharing so feel free to use this in your own children’s church. Shout out on FB or Twitter if you decide to use it. Contact me if you want to use any portion of this to sell.

Lego Point 1


Lesson Intro: Used the analogy of a Creeper in Minecraft being designed to explode compared to Steve in Minecraft who is designed to survive. In the same way God built mankind to Live forever but sin creeped in and TRIED to destroy God’s plan!

Object Lesson: Two identical lego kits. One with plans one without. Two teams race to assemble. POINT: It’s impossible to know exactly what the finished product is supposed to look like without knowing the plan. Thankfully God has given us The Bible to use as an instruction manual and prayer if we get lost.

Bible Story: Noah’s Ark



Lego Point 2

Lesson Intro: One Lego house built on a large base labeled “wise”. Another Lego stuck in a sand bucket of sand labeled “foolish”.

Object Lesson: Two identical lego kits again this time both have instructions. You will need a trampoline for one person to jump on as they try and assemble their kit while the other person has the firm foundation of the floor to build on. POINT: This one is pretty self explanatory : )

Bible Story: Wise and Foolish Builder

Extra: Consider writing the word “wise” on a small stone for each child to take home as a reminder. I had success with a river rock after I roughed it up a bit and then used a sharpie.


Lego Point 3

Lesson Intro: A puppet/live character is going to try and fly a small lego spaceship to space and needs power. They want to use The Bible as fuel but that won’t work so they pray for their vehicle but that’s not what Jesus was talking about either. Acts 1:8 The power Jesus was talking about is for Christians to be His witness!

Object Lesson: Fire Bubbles!! This is my “Trinity Bubble” analogy with a kick! email me for details 🙂

Bible Story: Day of Pentecost


Lego Point 4

Main Point: A puppet/live character finally finds their purpose in life!! Be sure to make it comical and over the top with the character exiting to fulfill their purpose. Once gone explain that there are great things that God has for every Christian to do and list what those things are. Examples: Missions projects, outreach events, visiting the sick, teaching a lesson in church, praying for others, singing or making music, ….

Object Lesson: Use my “Make a mess teach a point and clean it all up” lesson but with Lego Bricks! Also I skipped to step 3 and didn’t throw anything lol. All of the lego bricks were scattered on the floor to begin the object lesson.

Bible Story: Nehemiah


Decor Ideas: The MN camp had some incredible leaders decorate using cardboard rectangles in different colors arranged on a back wall to look like lego bricks. They also used regular cardboard boxes painted to look like MINECRAFT blocks.

Great Addition to this theme:

I found instructions for MINECRAFT ARMOR I just haven’t tried it yet:


FYI: I will be publishing an Armor of God theme sometime this year so stay tuned!

Lego Armor of God


Fonts: Lego Thick, Mine Crafter, and Mine Craft 22 Font

Other Themes: Happy Lumberjack Breakfast Shack , Clash of Plans