How I got control of my health

As of today I have lost almost 40 pounds in 13weeks! The number one question is “How did you do it?” Well friends here is the answer:

Step 1: I made up my mind I was tired of being fat and didn’t want to die early in life.

Step 2: I committed to not doing a “Diet” and instead make a LIFESTYLE change.

Step 3: My first twelve weeks I joined an accountability group called Fit Pastors

Step 4: I made a mental commitment to take it in baby steps and ramp up.

Practical steps I took:

I only drink water.

I just made up my mind one day over lunch (after I had ordered water) that I would only drink water from that point forward. No other liquid except for a tiny bit of grape juice (communion at church) and what little milk wound up in a bite of cereal. It is my win everyday. Only water nothing else.

I stopped eating too much.

I reduced my portions that I was eating. Living in the South has many benefits one of which is the abundance of fried foods at buffets! I used to load my plate with 2 pieces of chicken, some fried fish, a couple spoons of this and that and cornbread with dessert following. Now I eat 2 pieces of chicken without the skin and two or three spoons of vegetables no bread no dessert. Much to my surprise I was not starving afterward and any desire to eat more was handled with Step 1.

I decided I would make healthier choices.

If I have no other option but fried chicken I peel the crust and skin and just eat the meat. Now I eat stuff like quinoa instead of rice, squash and zucchini instead of potatoes, I try and avoid breads. I try and eat lean meat. High protein, high fiber, low sugar, low fat, and “good carbs”. Whole wheat pasta instead of traditional ect. For the first time in my life I ate broccoli and didn’t gag. (I have a “theory” it has to do with all the water I’m drinking helping things to taste the way they are supposed to)

I took control of my day!

I don’t stay up as late anymore and I wake up earlier to start my day. The first hour of my morning is MINE! I wake up, eat breakfast, walk a mile, and get ready for the day every morning.

I own my “off time”

My “off time” is mine to do with as I please. I try and actually rest on those days. Tamara and I have the same off day and usually spend time together. These are also the days that I will go hunt or fish or just do whatever I feel like. (It keeps me sane)

I increased my activity

I bought a Fitbit HR and realized I don’t move that much! I was averaging around 3500 – 4500 steps a day! I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day and got after it. Every morning after breakfast I walk a mile. Throughout my day I try to pick up extra steps where I can. Like parking farther away from stores than I need to. After supper I finish out my steps to reach 10,000 no matter how many are left. There have been nights that my step count was 4,000! Again Step 1 was my motivator.

I’m not sure why it worked this time and not all the other times I’ve tried. Was it the Fitbit, Fit Pastors, looking at myself in pictures and the mirror? My only answer that I’ve settled on so far is that I finally made up my mind to do it. It hasn’t been that long since I started and I’m looking forward to where I may be this time next year.

I made up my mind, I only drink water, I eat less, I eat healthier, I walk 10,000 steps a day, I go to bed at a decent hour, and I do what I want on the days away from work!

Sounds simple … try it. Below is a semi typical day

Wake UP

Eat Breakfast – 2 eggs, 1 strip of bacon, 2 bottles of water (I love routine It’s exactly the same every day)

Walk a mile – More water

(if needed) 160 cal snack between breakfast and lunch Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Almond granola bar and Water

Lunch – Smaller / Healthier portions and Water

Similar or exact same snack and more water (if needed before supper)

Get home and play with the kids : ) or help with supper

Supper – Smaller / Healthier portions and Water

Walk 1.5 – 2.5 miles and More Water (sometimes we walk 1 mi as a family)

Help Tamara with kids and put them to bed

Chill with Tamara watching TV – no snack just water

Go to bed!

November 2018 UPDATE:

I’m healthier than ever still going strong! Still only drinking water! I’ve lost even more feel even better doing the same things that got me here. When I originally made this post I had dropped from 254 to 214. Not long after I lost 14 more and stayed steady at 200. Earlier this year (April) I had gotten back up to 220 and was having none of that! I locked it back in started walking two miles in the morning and reduced breakfast to one egg and one piece of bacon. I’m currently 175! It’s doable and totally worth it! I feel better and function better overall!