4 ideas for families during Thanksgiving and Christmas

This Thanksgiving and Christmas I wanted some ideas that my family could do together and some that I could recommend to the families at our church. These are all recommendations and all are just resources and ideas we have found or heard of. Here are the top four that made the cut this year: #1-Bucket […]

But Why?

It’s amazing how much I can learn about the nature of God from spending time with my kids. Most weekday mornings I take my kids to school. Emma is always the first to drop off and then Jack and I have a 10 minute drive from there. Every morning it’s different with Jack, sometimes he […]

How I got control of my health

As of today I have lost almost 40 pounds in 13weeks! The number one question is “How did you do it?” Well friends here is the answer: Step 1: I made up my mind I was tired of being fat and didn’t want to die early in life. Step 2: I committed to not doing […]


  THEME POINT: I WAS BUILT TO LIVE ON A SOLID FOUNDATION WITH POWER TO DO GREAT THINGS!   These lessons were originally developed for a kids camp in MN. The camp theme was Lego vs. Minecraft and was a blast! I will continue to use this theme in my own kidmin and as content […]

Brick Walls and Barbed Wire

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to visit Nairobi Kenya. I had only visited Europe prior to my trip and was excited to experience the culture and meet the people that live in and around Kenya. I was not disappointed at all! The people were so welcoming and kind. I enjoyed hearing and seeing […]

The struggle is not necessary.

“The struggle is real!” The struggle with sin is real also but not necessary. I have said and often hear “I’m still struggling with (insert immoral issue here)”. I have been delivered from this thought and would like to help you too. Stop struggling and RUN! Imagine you owed money to an angry killer. You […]

How I use Incredible Islands

If you haven’t read my post about my Incredible Idea check it out first. My disclaimer is this: I decided to use Incredible Islands in a way that it wasn’t intended. Ok now that I said that let me tell you about what I did at the beginning of Oct 2014. When I first looked […]

I had an Incredible Idea!

“This morning we are going to see who is the fastest Bible verse finder! I will say the verse and as soon as you find it stand up!” This is the standard phrase just before a “Sword Drill”. Something stood out to me one particular Sunday. I didn’t see many Bibles just a lot of […]

The Trinity Bubble

I needed a fresh way to illustrate The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … Just in case you missed that BTW they all had a part at Jesus’ Baptism js … but enough doctrine.) The solution was a bubble. Water, Soap, and Air. Water = Holy Spirit (River of Life)   Soap = Jesus […]