I had an Incredible Idea!

“This morning we are going to see who is the fastest Bible verse finder! I will say the verse and as soon as you find it stand up!” This is the standard phrase just before a “Sword Drill”. Something stood out to me one particular Sunday. I didn’t see many Bibles just a lot of phones. Sword drills used to be fun when you could compete using different versions and translations now we face off between manufactures and OS. Apple vs. Android and Olive Tree vs. You Version are some of my favorite showdowns. I keep two Bibles that are identical on stage for this purpose now just to ensure we can go old school every now and then.


With that particular Sunday still fresh on my mind I came across a resource called Incredible Islands ( www.IncredibleIslands.com ). Apparently the nice folks over at One Hope decided to create a resource for Children’s Ministers to use to reach their kids on a digital platform. Each week kids log in to play games, memorize scripture, learn a Bible Story, build a prayer, give, and receive a challenge to carry out in real life. Kids are rewarded with coins and points that they use in the game to keep them engaged. There is even a message center for them to connect with one another through pre-formatted messages.


As the Admin for our campus I can go and set the scope for the Bible story the kids learn, the verse they will memorize, and the weekly challenge they receive. It takes me all of 5 / 10 minutes to pick everything out that will line up with what we will be teaching each week. I usually set ours up 4 months at a time. There is even an app that allows me to post a video message to all the players when they log in that I really like.


My Incredible Idea … was to use this resource! I just advertised for it and signed kids up. We talk about it when we see each other, brag about who’s in 1st place on some of the games, and reference it when we teach our Bible story on Sunday. I love the fact that they are playing a game engaged in content focused on what we taught Sunday. I don’t have to do a take home sheet anymore because the game fills that void and I have a better chance of them logging on than getting that piece of paper to their Mom or Dad.


I did have a light bulb of an idea about how else to use the game. Like most things I try and figure out how else I can use things . . . warning labels just serve to give me ideas. Our implementation that we put in place wasn’t what was intended for the resource but it’s been fun so far! More on that next week though, I challenge you to check it out and give it a try! You can play the game and even sign up for a free 30 day trial at their web site www.incredibleislands.com .

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