Make a mess, play a game, teach a point, and the kids clean it all up!!


I recently used an interactive object lesson that would work for a large or small crowd. It gave the kids the opportunity to play out the point of hearing from God on their own and then doing something with it. I started with 200 – 250 ball pit balls in a single container.


One child received two balls from the bucket we were using. Each ball represented a service at church they attended (as if that’s all “The Word” they had). Then they had to share it aka pass them through the crowd as fast as they could. That was slow … What if you had more word? M T W TH F SAT SUN and what if more people had The Word (make it rain ball pit balls). “Wow you have been really reading God’s Word and Praying!”

STEP TWO:┬áNow I have to collect them. Everyone was instructed to land their ball at the front of the stage without them actually landing ON the stage (so they don’t just pelt you with them, Define the target or you will be the target!) whew that was fun and somewhat chaotic. Pick a winner or don’t doesnt really matter the reward was just throwing stuff.


“Everday you need to get up, get the word for yourself, and get it where it needs to be.” “This bucket is empty and it represents the world.” “The world needs Gods Word.” (Expound) “When I say go I need each of you to get up like you do when you wake up. Slowly and carefully get one “Word” at a time and get it into the world. Imagine you’re sharing it with a friend at school, a family member, ect.” I used the opportunity as a challenge point “If your willing to share the story of God’s love with others …”

STEP FOUR: Celebrate! Congrats you just made a mess, played a game, taught a point, and got the kids to clean it all up!!

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